Sunday, August 09, 2009

Precious Mommy Moment

I've been working on an update post (and am hoping to actually get it posted tonight) - but I just had to share a sweet moment with Jace.

One of those precious moments when you wish you could just capture it and hold it forever. It overwhelmed my heart with how lucky I am to be his mom. To have this time to love and enjoy him. It was one of those times when my mommy heart captured the way he looked at me - so that even when he is a grown man, that is the face my mind will remember.
I know I've billed it as a life altering happening. It really wasn't. Except for me.
While I was getting him ready for bed, he just got still and quiet. He talked to me in a soft baby voice and smiled. So sweetly. Sweet face and sweet voice. For several minutes. Just me and my baby. Precious.
Nothing truly major in the grand scheme of things, but if you had been the one looking into that precious little face, I'd like to think the tears would have been flowing for you, too. Cause that way I don't feel like such a sap. But sap or not, it was just precious and I thank God for those times when He shows me not only how blessed I am, but also gives me a glimpse of how much He {God} loves me. How much He treasures the moments when I stop to be quiet with Him.

I'm always amazed that God can use such a routine moment in the day to convict me and move me.


Beth Rainey said...

You know, it was really hard to be home for years with 2 kids, 21 mths apart (Angela, I don't know how you do it with 4!). I hardly had a moment to myself, always seemed to be in sweat pants and no makeup with at least one of them hanging on me. One of them ALWAYS seemed to be screaming/yelling/ crying/pooping/etc. I knew it was what we wanted to do for our children but sometimes I didn't like the price I had to pay. Rick went off to work in his suit and had business lunches or trips to London (flying 1st class, ugh) while I was lucky to eat PB & J at 11:30 pm. But then, God rewarded me with precious moments like the one you discribed with Jace. Like when Lauren would ask me to sing to her only the songs that I could sing, no one else! Or when feeding Josh he would play with my hair and touch my face, or being the only person who knew exactly what their baby babble meant. Those quiet moments are rare and precious and are stamped on our hearts forever, aren't they!

Hey, they especially help me to remember the sweet times when I now deal with 15 & 17 yr. old teenage ATTITUDE! Big UGH!

Love you and your family to pieces!

Beth Rainey said...

Okay, it really bugs me that I mispelled a word in my comment and I can't go back and fix it, so I have to leave a comment saying that I know I have a spelling error, I am a teacher, I am aware of the situation but I can't do anything about it except for trashing my whole comment. I don't want to do that because I might not get my comment just the same and I like it just the way it is. As for starting sentences with "Like" and "Or" - I'm blogging, not in English class, okay. No, I'm not anal at all!!

Angela said...

Beth - what's funny is that I had to go back and re-read your first comment to "find" the misspelled word! Its a bummer that there's no spell check in the comments section! :)
There are surely enough tough mommy moments, which makes the sweet ones all the more precious!