Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Rest for the Weary

Why do smoke detector batteries ONLY get low in the middle of the night? We've owned 5 different homes in the last 11 years and have not heard a smoke detector beep at us in daylight hours once. We even had the privilege of dealing with one in a vacation home one year! Is there something about the dark that drains the last bit of it?
This time we have the privilege of a TALKING smoke detector. Not only were we awakened at 1am by the beep, it was followed by the message "Low battery." Really?? Cause we weren't sure.
To make matters worse, the low battery beep and message are coming from the main system detector.
Which just so happens to be located in our family room.
Which just so happens to have 20 foot ceilings.
Which just so happens to be twice as high as any ladder we own.
It also happens to be located about six inches from the top of the staircase ... and about 3 inches from arm's length of either one of us on top of our tallest ladder, teetering at the top of the staircase.
So, this is no ordinary middle-of-the-night-replace-your-smoke-detector-battery event. Oh, no. Ed is now in the attic, doing I-don't-even-want-to-know-what to try to shut her up! Just a minute....

Well, now I know what he was doing. He unhooked it and called me to catch it ... which I couldn't ... cause, remember, it was just out of reach from the stairs? So, it took a 20-foot tumble down the staircase and broke into several pieces.
And is still beeping!
Not only that, but it has NO BATTERY to replace!

At least its in the garage where it can beep happily away (wrapped in towels!) while we try to return to dreamland. An hour later! Goodnight.


Stacey said...

This is hilarious!
Do you remember that Friends episode? Where they did the same thing, and the fire department came b/c they threw it in the trash! LOL! I needed a laugh today.

Sleep, what's that??? said...

So sorry, but I am laughing my HEAD off right now!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!! But oh so sorry that that happened!!!! :o(

Angela said...

Stace - I don't remember the Friends episode. I'll have to look it up! LOL!
Mandy - no apologies! We were laughing so hard, we got so tickled we couldn't go back to sleep! LOL!

Lori Eilers said...

Oh-my-lan-ta! That is toooo funny! Our smoke alarms only beep in the middle of the night, too. While Randy was in the hospital and I was all alone, two of our four alarms went off at the same time at 3 AM. I flew out of bed thinking the house was on fire and found nothing wrong. They screeched for about 1 minute and then stopped. Weird!!!

Doree said...

I remember the vacation home incident..*i think* Jayden was a baby?