Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Joy that is Jadyn!

Today my spunky little peanut, Jadyn, is 5 years old.

Its amazing how quickly life passes by when you stop to look back. Jadyn was born in Dallas and was our first homebirth. She was also my biggest baby weighing in at 10 pounds, 5 ounces!!!! Looking at the petite little thing she is now, you'd never know it! I was complaining to our chiropractor a few weeks ago about her "gerbil sized bladder" (because she ALWAYS has to go potty) and he replied, "Well, she has a gerbil sized body. What size bladder do you expect to fit in there?" LOL! Very true.

She may be small physically, but she has a BIG personality! She is very outgoing, super social, fun, full-of-life and she has added many dimensions to our family. I joke (only slightly) that I had the parenting gig figured out until she came along. She gives Ed and me a run for our money and keeps us on our parenting-toes! She is the epitome of a "strong-willed child." Although, I prefer the term, "high-spirited." :)

She is a big ol' pot of extremes. She brings great joy to our lives ... and sometimes, great frustration. She is quite independent, which will serve her well as an adult, but tends to make parenting her a tad tricky. She is charming - and knows it. She is beautiful - and is told far too frequently. She has a cute little voice - according to people who don't live with her! She is very girly, smart, sassy, busy, entertaining and just plain hilarious!

We love you, Little Miss! You have certainly made your dad and me better parents just by being YOU! And, we wouldn't trade it for anything. You are a wonderful, amazing blessing!!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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Anonymous said...

She sounds just like our Xavier, he was the easiest to raise until he hit the #6 and since then he has given us a run for our money!!! Happy Birthday to Jadyn and many blessings to your new bundle of joy. Love The Aldana family