Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Homeschool curriculum considerations

I went to my first Mentoring Mom's group with the homeschool support group last night! This was actually a meeting of all the small groups together to discuss curriculum. It was fun to meet some other moms and completely overwhelming to hear about so many different options for curriculum! I'm so glad I went, but I was totally exhausted when I left!
I'm going to an open house for ABeka curriculum on Friday. Its a comprehensive, Biblically based curriculum I'm considering for Jake. Considering is the operative word. Lots of other choices to consider as well. I like the idea of a program that is biblically based. And, I know I don't want a package curriculum - all subjects at the same grade level. I'm not even sure I want to use the same curriculum for all subjects. Which means more considering. Which do I choose for math? For reading? History? Science? Bible study? Penmanship? Spelling? Geography? AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Fortunately, I know I'm NOT an UNschooling mom and I do want curriculum of some sort. Homeschooling is a privilege and a blessing. And, the fact that I GET to CHOOSE the curriculum is a major blessing...but, man, its a BIG job, too!! Fortunately, we won't be tied to anything...and we can always try something new the next year! I'm waiting until after our June NACD evaluations to buy anything for the I'm sure NACD will have recommendations (namely, unit studies) to add to my seemingly never-ending list of considerations!
I'm praying hard about my options and I know God will direct us to the right one for each of the kids (and ME!). Last night helped a lot in terms of narrowing my thoughts a little.
Here's what I'm thinking about. It will be interesting to see where we land!
ABeka, Math-U-See, Konos, Spelling Power, LifePacs, Considering God's Creation, Truth Quest, the "If You Were There When..." series and lots of 'supplemental' fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Ain't it fun??? Remember to check my stach before purchasing books... like Spelling Power...

angelasustala said...

I can't wait to rifle through your goodies in July, Mom!!

your ma said...

Hmmm... I should use the Spelling Power... that should have been stash... maybe it's my typing skills!!