Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mom-Son Date!

Last night, Jakey and I went on a 'date' - a "Mom-Son Make & Take" at church!
We had a GREAT time! We ate pizza and ice cream sundaes, built and painted a birdhouse and went on a scavenger hunt which ended in finding a prize bag of goodies! Pastor Lori made a cute list of things to do in the hunt that was individual for each boy. Jake's list included counting steps, counting by 5s to 100, jumping jacks and even giving mom a hug, a high 5 and a compliment! SO cute!
When we got to Pastor Lori's last night, I said, "C'mon, my little date friend" as Jake was getting out of the car. He got so excited, and yelled "YEEEESSSS!" and jumped out and held my hand as we walked in (which is one of those things he doesn't think he NEEDS to do anymore, so I thought it was very sweet!).
In addition to the goodie bag, each boy also got to take home their very own hammer! Jake was so excited to add his hammer to daddy's work
bench when we got home!
Pastor Lori talked to the boys about how they should treat girls and women. She also reminded the moms that its our job to bring our boys up respecting women - not only in the way they treat and speak to them, but also in the way they speak about them and even think about them. One of the things we try to be intentional about is teaching Jake to hold doors for women/girls, teaching him that 'ladies go first' - which in his world of two sisters almost always means he doesn't - and that God created him to take care of the women in his life - to protect them. He has a very caring spirit and usually enjoys his role. I pray he grows into a man that is genuinely respectful of women - in his thoughts, words and deeds. Oh, and Pastor Lori also reminded us moms to be praying for our son's future spouse. I've been praying for Jake's since before he was born...but its a good reminder since sometimes that can get forgotten in the midst of little boy stuff!
Jakey said his favorite parts last night were getting the hammer and eating ice cream! I had a GREAT time with my 'Dollboy' last night! Thanks for creating a perfect night for us, Pastor Lori!


Anonymous said...

What a handsome date!!! I know it was fun!
I know the Dollboy was a gentleman!!!


Lori Eilers said...

You are very welcome!