Monday, March 19, 2007

Monkeying around

We had a fun shopping weekend! Ed got his bonus, so we had some funny-money to blow! (After giving some, paying bills & saving some, of course!)
We started Saturday at Soccer Connection where we got Jakey's soccer cleats, ball and shin guards. He was so excited and just can't wait for soccer to start (on the 27th!!). He'll have practice two days a week and games on Saturday through May! That's a lot for a little guy, but it will be good for him! Next we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond where we picked out this whimsical shower curtain for the kids' bathroom! Not our typical style, but its fun! Anything would have been an improvement over what they had! We also got a new blender since we're in a smoothie mode these days and our old one just wasn't hackin' it!
Next we hit the mall for dinner, a return and a stop at Cingular where I got a new phone! And, a bluetooth headset! Its been about 3 years since my last cell phone upgrade, which I guess is a lifetime in the cell phone industry. I believe Ed's comment was something along the lines of "Welcome to the 21st century." I got the freebie phone (because obviously, I don't care about tech gadgets), but it still has some cool features my old one didn't - like a speaker, camera and bluetooth capability! I noticed the salesguy stifle a laugh when I asked if I would get better reception with this phone. He assured me it would be MUCH better! Bonus! I kept my Dallas # for now, but we're thinking about doing away with our home phone, in which case I'll switch to a Des Moines cell #. That'll be weird ... and sort of the last bit of Texas. *wimper*
Ok, anyway, Sunday we went to Home Depot and picked out some new hardware for our kitchen cabinets! I can't wait for Ed to get those up...hopefully tonight! Ed also priced materials for a deck he's going to build us this Spring...since we're the only house in the neighborhood without one! That will be fun! Maybe we'll buy a new gazebo to go with it...NOT!!!
I love spending money, Ed actually enjoys shopping and the kids just love to we spent the whole weekend together as a family - perfect!


Dara said...

very cute shower curtain - I love it.

Lori Eilers said...

Super cute! You'll have to get me a copy of Jake's soccer schedule so I can make a game!