Friday, April 06, 2007

Dying Easter Eggs

Today, we dyed Easter eggs. I always love doing this with my kids. They were so excited and loved seeing how each one turned out. I used some extra dye this year, so our brown eggs would turn out a little better - and I think they look better than white eggs...really pretty colors! The kids loved making a mess and loved their final products, too! We had a great time! And, I had a truly captive audience to talk about what Easter really is. Its fun to watch how much more they 'get it' each year!
I can't believe that its going to be so darn cold for the JCFC Easter Egg Hunt in the morning! I think the high tomorrow (which won't be at 10am!!) is 42! Yikes...we're gonna be cold! But, I'm sure the kids won't care once they see all those eggs!

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Gummie said...

What pretty eggs! Good job there Jakie, Jordan and Jadyn!!! Gummie wishes she had been there to help!! Your mommy always LOVED to dye the eggs, and write on them, and put tattoos on them! She was very creative! Good luck hunting them on Easter!!!

I love you,