Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jordan's BD Party

I'm nearly a month late in posting this ... but, as "they" say, better late than never, right?

Jordan invited her cousins to a bowling party for her birthday. We had so much fun! I totally copied this idea (thanks, Shea!) from a birthday party Jake went to a while back. I made T-shirts for each of the kids. I had to girly it up a bit with matching hairbows! Then, I used the bows as ribbons on their gift bags.

Bowling has become Jordan's favorite game on the Wii and she's actually pretty good. She liked real-life bowling just as much, but let's just say her score was a tad lower! Even with bumpers! :)

We had a fun time ... thanks to everyone that celebrated with us!


The Cabe Family said...

Your T-shirts turned out VERY cute!! So glad that you got to use the idea too...I copied it from a friend of mine too!

chefstinsonfamily said...

Such a CUTE idea! I may have to use it for Mary or even Jules next year. Both girls love them some bowling! I love the hairbows. Any chance you could send me directions on how to make them? They are SO expensive and I love bows in Julianna's hair. You can email me at :o)