Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life in Pictures

Some recent pictures of the goings-on around the Sustala Home ...

We've had some beautiful weather the past couple weeks, so we took a bunch of pictures one afternoon outside. Here are a few...
Jace, Jake Jordan, Jadyn
Trampoline fun
Jace climbing up to the slide
Jordan being silly
Jadyn enjoying a popsicle
Jake - not terribly interested in stopping for a photo
Jadyn again ... I have a gazillion of her.
She loves the camera. Loves posing.
Loves being in the "spotlight" and
being the center of attention.
All the world is her runway ...
The camera loves her, too!And, on other days ...
Is this Jadyn again?

Jace loves to climb on everything! He is a busy boy! He climbed on the coffee table, looked at me proudly and wagged his finger, saying "no, no!" At least he knows the rules. Never mind obeying them!

One benefit of a busy boy ... he sleeps! And, if mama doesn't get you down for a nap, the living room floor works just fine!

*I realized as I uploaded my pictures that Jace is wearing the same outfit in every picture despite the fact they were taken on different days! What can I say? He 'suffers' from "number-four-itis."*

We had a garage sale last weekend and I toyed with the idea of getting rid of this mirror. But, after some thought, I decided it could be cute in Jadyn's room ...

...if we glammed it up a bit! We just mod podged some paper and hot glued some sparkly beads! She loves it and she loved helping me fix it up! I wish I had painted the wood and iron, but I took the quick way out. I can always go back and do those (the hard way).

Hair bow-Palooza: When I was making hair bows for Jordan's birthday party, I also whipped some up for Kylie and Jadyn. Jordan's decided she's not as hip on them as she once was, preferring instead to go the headband route ... or nothing at all {gasp!}

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Beth Rainey said...

OMG - the picture of Jace climbing up the stairs of the slide? It looks exactly like a photo we have of Josh!!! I'm going to see if I can find it and upload it to compare. They could be twins!

Uh oh! The thought of another Josh flying through life! Hang on to your britches, my dear sister-in-law!!